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Cutting & Styling

Ms Seham is well known for her hair cutting and styling techniques. Being one of the top most hair treatment Salons, it has expertise in stylizing client’s hair in unique ways which others cannot provide. Not only does it provide extensive hair styling solutions, but has earned quite a reputation in the art of hair cutting as well.

With a team of professional hair stylists, Seham aims to follow the current trends of the fashion industry and train its staff accordingly. From hair massages to scalp treatments, all services are readily available here. Customers are served in the best possible manner and the staff makes sure that they leave pleased and satisfied.

Initially, before starting any kind of treatment, there is an examination of the hair of the client and after discussion with them, the style is finalized. Everything is done in accordance to the requirements of the client and the team leaves no stone unturned in coming up to their expectations.

We realize that hair are an essential part of one’s body and they require special care and attention. Hence, when it comes to hair cutting, one has to be very cautious. This is because nobody wants to lose hair through a bad haircut. For this purpose, special training is given to the entire staff to ensure that they are ahead of all the techniques and skills of hair cutting. Our staff has proper understanding of dealing with hair having distinct textures, lengths and colour.


In order to have a good quality haircut, an analysis of the face and features of the clients is considered extremely important. In this regard, when a client comes for a haircut, first they are given suggestions in terms of their face cut and features. After mutual consultation, the hair cut is decided.

Hair is considered to be a very precious possession of everyone. Therefore, special attention is given when it comes to hair maintenance and management. Ladies are particularly very keen about having their hair look presentable and stylish at all times. For this purpose, they undergo various hair treatments to evolve with the growing trends. In midst of all this, Seham introduces her fine hair colouring services which adds more versatility to the hair.