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Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are becoming the need of the hour these days for everyone who are facing issues related to short hair length and thin hair. Hair extensions add volume to one’s hair and help them in looking fluffy and long. They are specially prepared with fine quality systems to make sure that they cause no harm to the client. This is done because we believe that the client’s hair must be taken care of and should not be ignored at any cost.

We at Ks Hairbook ensure that the quality of extensions which are used are of high quality. Optimum quality extension systems are made use of which offer a range of textures and colours. However, when a client comes for a hair extension treatment, a detailed examination of hair is done after the most appropriate colour and length of extensions is decided.

Since, hair extensions are all about adding volume to existing hair, an examination of the present hair condition is very important. Hence, the experts at salon conduct a thorough analysis of the hair of the client. When this is done, they are shown extensions which go with their hair. Sometimes the extensions are dyed to match the colour of the hair so that they do not look odd.


Everyone at KS HairBook specializes in the art of preparing and applying extensions through careful inspection. It is made sure that the extensions are of high quality and they perfectly match the present hair of the client. All of this is done to ensure client satisfaction. Our aim is to give such services in which there is no room for complaints and the client comes back for the services again to us only.